Freshwater Overview

Freshwater Fish

We source our fish from the best fish farms. We typically get 4 or 5 shipments a week. We cherry-pick from every supplier. We treat, feed, and clean every day. We log everything and stay on top of it. We try to offer everything cool we can get. You may request things you don’t see, and we will call you if we can get them! Below is a list of the types of freshwater aquariums you can keep.

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*Please understand that prices and availability are subject to change


Community tanks typically have lots of variety of friendly peaceful fish. Common families include Tetras, Rasboras, Rainbows, Danios, Barbs, Platys, Guppies, etc.


Semi-aggressive tanks have lots of variety of fish that can be a bit fiesty, but compatible with one another. We like to think of it as having all your fish in the same “weight class.” Sharks, Gourami’s, Angels, Catfish are all examples of these kinds of fish.


Brackish water fish like some salt in their water. 2 teaspoons per gallon will enable you to keep brackish fish along with freshwater so you have more variety. These guys are sort of exotic, and include favorites like Puffers, Archers, Scats, Mono’s, Gobies, and Gars.

South/Central American Cichlids

South and Central American Cichlids are among the smartest of all freshwater fish. Many of them get big and are belligerent, others are small and shy. Famous examples include Oscars, Jack Dempsey’s, Convicts, Parrots, and Rams.

African Cichlids

Probably the most colorful group of all freshwater fish, African Cichlids are well suited for the type of water we have in this area. High PH and Alkaline water is their preference. They breed easily and include favorites like Electric Yellows and Electric Blues and hundreds of others.


Odd-ball fish are typically apex predators that eat other fish. Many of them get big, and have interesting unusual shapes. Some examples include Lungfish, Arowana, Shovel-nose Cats, Clown-knifes, and Alligator Gars. 

Planted Aquariums

Planted aquariums require extra light, softer water, reduced PH, and fertilization. The underwater jungle effect is very rewarding.


Just like dogs, Goldfish have been selectively bred by humans for a long time. Many different interesting types of Goldfish are available for you to enjoy. 

Species Tank

Keeping just one type of fish in your aquarium is a species tank. You would do this if the fish had very special requirements, or if you just love one kind of fish that much.

Plants, Inverts, & Feeders

We always have a wide variety of plants, fresh water invertebrates, and feeder items. 

Freshwater Plants

Ozelot Sword
Ruffled Sword
Amazon Sword
Java Fern
Java Moss
Moss Balls
Water Sprite
Red Ludwigia

Freshwater Inverts

Amano Shrimp
Cherry Shrimp
Neocardina Shrimp
Red Crayfish
White Crayfish
Blue Crayfish
Red Crystal Shrimp

Freshwater Feeders

Small Comet Goldfish
Large Comet Goldfish
Rosy Reds
Ghost Shrimp
Live Brine Shrimp
Live Black Worms


When the weather gets warm, it’s pond season. We stock fish, plants, and suppies for your pond.

Pond Fish

There are three main types of pond fish: Koi, Shubunkin, and Comets. We stock different sizes and colors of healthy, nice fish.

Pond Plants

Plants perform a function in your pond in addition to looking nice. They add oxygen and absorb fish waste as fertilizer. Every pond should have floating plants, oxygenating plants, and may also include emergent and submerged plants.

Pond Gear

We stock an assortment of basic pond supplies including pumps, food, bubblers, founntains, algicides, medications, thermometers, etc.