Our Policies

Visiting the store

When you are in our store, we ask that you keep your hands out of the tanks and an eye on your children. Some of the species that we carry are very sensitive to the contaminates that may be on your hands, or just by being touched. If you would like a closer look, please ask for assistance – we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Be Informed

We ask that you become aware of what it takes to maintain the system and animals you buy, either by reading up on it or asking questions of our knowledgeable staff. By taking the time to become informed about what you buy, you can keep it healthy and alive, and that will make us all happy. We do offer guarantees on some of our animals, provided your water quality and tank setup are adequate. Most of our hardware carries warranties by the manufacturer, but if you have problems we can help you contact them, or often even take care of it for you.


We take rock and corals in on trade. Please call in advance to clear it with us, so we can make sure we have room for your trade-in.


We will encourage you to choose your purchase carefully and try to assist you before the sale in order to minimize returns. We ask you not to return used items, as we are in the business of selling new equipment. Any refunds will be in store credit only, unless the item is in its unopened original packaging and only with a receipt. We also reserve the right to refuse items returned after thirty days. Defective and  faulty equipment are obvious exceptions. Please understand that some manufacturers deal directly with the consumer on warranty claims.