Products Overview

We have tons of product in stock. Tanks, stands, lids, lights, filters, heaters, gravel, decorations, replacement parts, water pumps, air pumps, thermometers, medications, food, suppliments, filter media, test kits, maintenance gear, nets are all things you can find here every day. Basically everything you ever need for an aquarium.


We carry aquariums made by Aqueon, Marineland, Aquatic America, Deep Blue, Seapora, Fluval, Innovative Marine, JBJ. We stock 5, 10, 15, 20xh, 20, 20 long, 29, 30 long, 38, 40 breeder, 50 breeder, 65 breeder, 65 breeder reef-ready, 40 long, 55, 75, 75 reef-ready, 90, 90 reef-ready, 120, 120 reef-ready, 125, and 180 gallon aquariums. Tanks get delivered to our store every Wednesday, so if we are out of something, we can get it for you quickly. Our prices are very competitive, please call for current pricing.

We offer acrylic tanks on special order basis only. Zero-edge is our current go-to supplier. These are made to your exact specifications. Please allow us to help you figure out what you need. 


Stands & Canopies

We stock iron stands that hold two aquariums, and black cabinet stands for all standard footprints including: 20×10, 24×12, 30×12, 36×12, 36×18, 48×12, 48×18, 48×24, 72×18, 72×24. We carry stands made by Aqueon, Marineland, Deep Blue, and Seapora brands. Unusual finishes and custom jobs are available.


Wet/Dry filters, protein skimmers, power filters, canister filters, ozonizers, UV sterilizers, sponge filters, internal filters, CO2 systems, calcium reactors, reverse osmosis (RO) and deionization (DI) systems – we carry it all! We have used them all, and can offer expert advice as to what will work best for you. We’re not going to try and sell you something you don’t need, and will always recommend the best bang for your buck. Brands we like and stock include Fluval, Hagen, Reef Octopus, Coralife, Deep Blue, Seapora, Eshopps, Supreme, Tetra, Sicce, Emperor Aquatics, and Aqua Ultraviolet.


We have standard light strips for all sizes in stock and at great prices. We also carry a good, better, best range of quality light options. We sell what we use. Come in and we’ll help you choose the lighting option that is right for you. Manufacturers we typically stock include Current USA and Kessil. We also can order any other light system you need including EcoTech, and Aqua-Illumination (AI).

Dry Goods

Heaters, hydrometers, thermometers, gravel (including all types of Carib-Sea aragonite – the clear leader in marine substrates), medications, breeder nets, traps, air and water pumps, replacement parts, attachments, plumbing novelties, clamps, hoses, timers, and decorations of every sort. We also carry many varieties of food, including nine types of live food and a large selection of name brand marine and freshwater additives and test kits to help your tank thrive. And to help you learn how to care for and troubleshoot your own system, we have an experienced staff on hand seven days a week to help.

We carry products made by: Kent Marine, Seachem, Cobalt, Omega Sea, Tetra, Rods Food, Larry’s Food (LRS), Piscine Energetics, San Fransisco Bay brand, Hikari, Fluval, Hagen, Marina, Finnex, Jebao, JBJ, Innovative Marine (IM), Carib Sea, API, Danner/Supreme, Sicce, Eshopps, Two Little Fishies, Salifert, Brightwell, Aqua Vitro, New Life Spectrum, Bulk Reef Supply, Marineland, Aquarium Systems, Coralife, Mardel, Deep Blue, Seapora, Boyd Enterprises, Red Sea, Estes, Ocean Nutrition, Aqua-Top, E-Live, Blue Ribbon, Underwater Treasures, Penn-Plax.